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SAP GTS Training Course

SAP GTS Training Course

Gain expertise in managing global trade requirements through the SAP GTS Training course offered by Daksha SAP Academy. Learn to effectively handle real-time compliance checks, import management, export management, custom procedures, and other essential aspects. Gain practical experience by working with the integrated solutions provided by SAP GTS. Acquire industry-specific knowledge and skills to automate global trade transactions. Enroll in this career-boosting course to receive guidance from experienced instructors and mentors. Upon completion, showcase your training certificate and position yourself as an ideal candidate for top employers in the field. Take a significant step towards advancing your career in global trade management.

Key Information:
  • SAP GTS Training for global trade management proficiency.
  • Real-time compliance checks, import and export management, custom procedures, and more.
  • Hands-on experience with integrated SAP GTS solutions.
  • Industry-specific knowledge for automating global trade transactions.
Key Features:
  • All-in-One Mastery Course.
  • SAP Exam Assistance.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum.
  • 24 X 7 Lifetime Support & Access.
  • 100% Practical Training.
Course Content:
SAP GTS Training

Develop a comprehensive understanding of global trade management with the SAP GTS Training course. Enhance your skills in areas such as real-time compliance checks, import and export management, custom procedures, and more. Gain hands-on experience using the integrated solutions offered by SAP GTS. Acquire industry-specific knowledge and expertise to automate and streamline global trade transactions. Benefit from the guidance of experienced instructors and mentors who will support your learning journey. Upon completing the course, receive a training certificate to demonstrate your proficiency. Open doors to exciting career opportunities in the field of global trade management with this valuable training program.

Key Topics Covered:
The course covers essential topics, including:
  • Real-time Compliance Checks.
  • Import and Export Management.
  • Custom Procedures in Global Trade.
  • Automation of Global Trade Transactions.
Practical Experience:
  • Hands-on experience with SAP GTS solutions.
  • Application of learned skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Practical training for global trade management.
Career Opportunities:
Upon completion, individuals can explore various career opportunities, including:
  • Global Trade Manager.
  • SAP GTS Consultant.
  • Compliance Analyst.
  • Import-Export Specialist.
  • Logistics Manager.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development.
  • Industry-Relevant Expertise.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities.
  • Flexible Learning Options.
  • SAP Certification Preparation.
  • Continuous Learning and Support.
Why Enroll for SAP Courses?
  • Meet high employer demand for SAP talent
  • Gain skills to work with leading enterprises worldwide
  • Qualify for lucrative SAP roles with strong compensation
  • Expand opportunities with multinational SAP users
  • Stay relevant as SAP technologies progress
Why Choose Daksha SAP Academy?
  • In-depth learning from SAP experts
  • Comprehensive coverage of SAP modules and applications
  • Hands-on projects to build real-world skills
  • Targeted prep for SAP certification exams
  • Flexible online and in-class options

With Daksha, you gain complete SAP mastery from industry leaders. Our rigorous training gives you the edge to excel as an SAP professional. Launch your rewarding SAP career now.

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Course Features

4.5 (250)
55.00 Hrs
Skill level
All Level
Course Price: ₹ 93500


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